Authors guidline

General remarks

      This is an instruction for the preparation of the paper to be submitted for presentation/review/publication. Please note that there is a distinction between the presentation, review and publication of your paper. It is possible to present a paper without an obligation to submit it for a review. If this is the case, please notify us. It is, however, assumed that all papers are sent for a review.
      After the conference you will have time to prepare a revision based on the discussion gained at the conference before we send it for a review. We will specify a deadline. Only successful papers are finally published with the Lodz University Press. If you consider to submit your paper for a review, please make sure that the paper is new and should not be under a review elsewhere (journal or book).
      After your paper is accepted for publication, we ask you to prepare a revision based on the reviewer remarks/suggestions which is followed by a written answer to a review sentence and a scope of revisions file. The Author(s) of the papers accepted for publication are sent a Copyright Transfer Form which should be signed and sent back to the Lodz University Press.
   Please make sure to do the following:
    make it clear that the paper is empirically and/or theoretically oriented into Forecasting Financial Markets and Economic Decision-making
    include in the paper what is new and what is your contribution
    the paper should not be submitted and be under review elsewhere
    the paper should be after a professional language verification
    The papers which do not meet the criteria will be returned to Authors.

How to prepare a layout of the paper to be sent for presentation/review/publication with the Lodz University Press.

       The paper should not exceed 16 pages A4 (according to rules below).
Please, send us both PDF and DOC (or LATEX) files by e-mail at
Please, zip the package.
The file should be named with Author(s) name(s), e.g. Kowalski.pdf
While sending an e-mail, please put in the e-mail subject:

FindEcon YEAR (e.g. 2006) Final Paper for PRESENTATION by [Author(s) name(s) here]
FindEcon YEAR (e.g. 2006) Final Paper for REVIEW by [Author(s) name(s) here]
FindEcon YEAR (e.g. 2006) Final Paper for PUBLICATION by [Author(s) name(s) here]

Please choose the proper e-mail subject.

The layout of the text for review (Doc, Pdf or Latex format allowed)

<all margins 2,5 cm>
<row double spacing in all text, font 12 pt>
<beginning of text>
<centrally> Jan Kowalski* <centrally>
<title – each word starting with upper case letters, bold>

<Main text after adjustments and refinements (proofs after review) accepted by your language expert>
<Each part (Introduction, Model/Theory, Data, Results, Conclusions) numbered >
<Equations centrally, numbered at right-hand side>
<Citation according to the rule:>
Lanska (1979) <or> Barndorff-Nielsen and Shephard (2005) <or > (Lanska 1979; Barndorff-Nielsen and Shephard 2005) <if given in brackets>

References <only quoted in the main text>
for book publication:
Barndorff-Nielsen O., Shephard N. (2005), “How accurate is the asymptotic approximation to the distribution of realized volatility?” In D.W.K. Andrews, J. Powell, P. Ruud and J. Stock (eds.) “Identification and Inference for Econometric Models”, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
for journal paper:
Lánska V., (1979), “Minimum contrast estimation in diffusion processes”, Journal of Applied Probability, 16, 65–75.

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